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2010 Cornell Undergraduate Information Competency Initiative Faculty Fellows


Antje Baeumner
Biological and Environmental Engineering
BEE 2600: Principles of Biological Engineering
Librarian: Camille Andrews and Jeremy Cusker

Mary Pat Brady
Associate Professor
ENG 2730: Children’s Literature
Librarian: Wendy Wilcox

Gracian Chimwaza
Executive DirectorInformation Training and Outreach Centre for Africa (ITOCA)
Applied Economics and Management program for the Cooperative Ag Econ M.S. program in E. Africa
Librarian: Baseema Banoo Krkoska

Barry Maxwell
Senior Lecturer
Comparative Literature and American Studies
AMST 1101: Introduction to American Studies
Librarian: Fred Muratori

Janice Kanemitsu
Assistant Professor
Asian Studies
ASIAN 2260: Popular Culture of Japan
Librarian: Jaron Porciello and Dan McKee


Past Fellows...